Dejure Commercial Lawyers Pty Ltd (ABN 14 127 414 448)

Dejure Commercial Lawyers

Dejure Commercial Lawyers Pty Ltd (“Dejure”) operates as The Boston Group’s incorporated legal practice and brings together a team of specialised Lawyers dedicated to conducting commercial litigation work, particularly in the areas of debt recovery, business financial, corporate and commercial transactions and contract law.

“Dejure” is an expression that means “concerning law” and you can entrust that Dejure will provide you with a thorough understanding of the law and practice to suit your matter.

The incorporation of Dejure and its in-house presence has been enormously successful for The Boston Group and its clients with the benefit of having legal and professional advice readily available.

We regularly appear before the Court and Tribunals in New South Wales,Victoria and Queensland so you can be comfortably assured that your enquiry and matter is in the hands of a team of Lawyers that are experienced with the law, practice and procedures.